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Venus and Cupid
NOTE: Every oil painting we offer online is 100% hand-painted on canvas by a skilled artist (if you select the hand-painted option).

Venus and Cupid

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  • 20"w x 24"h - Hand-painted
  • 24"w x 36"h - Hand-painted
  • 30"w x 30"h - Hand-painted
  • 36"w x 48"h - Hand-painted
  • 48"w x 72"h - Hand-painted
  • 60"w x 90"h - Hand-painted
  • 8"w x 10"h - Print
  • 10"w x 12"h - Print
  • 12"w x 16"h - Print
  • 16"w x 20"h - Print
  • 20"w x 24"h - Print
  • 24"w x 36"h - Print

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Venus and Cupid - Museum Level Quality Oil Painting on Canvas

  • The canvas title: "Venus and Cupid"
  • Detail: 100% Hand-Painted Oil on Canvas (Please see the Note)
  • Art Category: Nudes

Do you love oil-painting photos of Venus and Cupid? Are you taken by the creative and innovative options that photography can provide? If you are a visual person, and you have a taste for something a little different then maybe you should think about getting your photo on canvas.

Now have knowledge, Arts pursuit of more and more people pay attention to taste, decorated with Ouimgs.com, landscaping room became fashionable. Canvas prints is and will be one of the well known ways to get your Venus and Cupid looking great on canvas. lots of us that fill our homes with wonderful pictures use this type of printing to really get the best from our photos as it like turning something modern like the digital photograph into some that looks old and contemporary like a painting that has been painted on canvas or like a photo on canvas and by gelling those together to make a work of art. Canvas prints are now within reach of many, we explain here how to get best results. With much more information about Abstract or others style Oil Painting, pay a visit at Ouimgs.com Oil Painting where you can buy it with high satisfaction.

Free Delivery (including frames) to the worldwide location. If you want to speed up the delivery, please contact us, we will satisfy you.

Works of art which are available are shipped within 24hrs. In case your order sold-out or amount has ended 5 computers these works of art take 1 to 4 days to fresh paint.

An electronic photo from the painting will be e-mailed towards the customer for approval before actual shipment. If approval email isn't responded by customer after 5 working days, the painting is going to be regarded as approved and will also be delivered to the client.

Oil works of art are fragile and delicate, needing special care to move securely. We will find two techniques of packing oil works of art that keep your works of art properly protected: one using bubble wrap and card board, and something using custom-built wooden crates. Professional artists shipping try to art galleries and enthusiasts may use the wooden crate choice for impressive, fool-proof results.

Bubble Wrap and Card board:

Make certain your title and also the title from the piece are marked clearly on the rear of the painting. Convey a sheet of acidity-free glassine paper on the top from the front from the painting (the colored part). This safeguards it from moisture and dirt.

Wrap the painting having a sheet of bubble wrap, ensuring it's totally covered. Tape to secure. Convey a sheet of corrugated card board or foam board on every side from the painting within the bubble wrap. Add yet another layer of bubble wrap towards the outdoors, and tape to secure.

Then put the wrapped painting in the card board box lined with foam board. This area ought to be the same proportions because the painting and fit snugly to avoid the painting from bouncing around inside.

Custom Wooden Crate

As the previous section.

Assemble the frame by messing the hardwood strips together to suit the perimeter of the painting, departing the very best strip unscrewed for the time being. The hardwood strips ought to be just wide enough to support the depth of the canvas, along with a sheet of bubble wrap on every side. The frame ought to be big enough to simply put the painting within it, although not so large the painting will not stay safe throughout shipment.

Make certain the top bit of the frame fits outrageous edges from the side strips. This piece is going to be unscrewed to get rid of the artwork once it gets to its destination.

Cut two sheets of masonite board to suit the back and front from the frame (such as the top strip, that is not attached).

Secure one sheet of masonite board to the rear of the frame using wood glue and screws.

Line the frame with a bit of bubble wrap and put your painting inside. There shouldn't be any room for this to jiggle around within the frame. Pay for it with another sheet of bubble wrap (on the top from the glassine paper).

Put the other sheet of masonite board on the top from the frame, acquiring well with wood glue and screws. It ought to be airtight so moisture cannot get inside.


Every oil painting we sell is guaranteed to be 100% hand-painted on canvas, with each and every brushstroke painted entirely by a highly skilled and talented artist. Our oil paintings are NEVER machine generated, are NEVER prints reproduced on canvas (except printed option), and are NEVER computer generated copies made to look as if they were textured. Over 20 years Experience in recreating entirely hand painted reproduction Oil Paintings.


Our "real" discount prices are so unbelievably low, that you will be asking yourself: "How can they sell such fine quality hand-painted oil paintings at prices that are so low?" The answer is we are a factory, we have many professional artist. We work on extremely large volume and pass the huge savings onto our customers.


We are one of the largest sources of fine oil paintings. We always have thousands of magnificent oil paintings and frames in stock for immediate delivery!


Our Ticket Help is online 24/7 so that you can ticket to a member of our team who can answer any of your questions. Alternatively we may call us locally on the following numbers or by filling out our support form you can request one of our staff call you at a specified time.


All of your oil painting purchases from our website are backed by our exclusive 30 day money-back guarantee. We make your purchase from us risk free and worry free!


Free Shipping to anywhere in the world. We deliver worldwide wherever you are! The price you see online for your painting is the final price. Shipping really is Free!


As soon as your oil painting order is received a Independent Tracking Profile will be created for you. Your Tracking Profile will allow you to check the progress of your oil painting through the Studio. It will advise you at every stage of your order and when your painting has been dispatched it will detail your tracking information.


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Testimonial by Peatling

20/Apr 2018

Effect looks pretty good, my father like it so much. Carefully read the details of the surface texture is very fine.

Testimonial by Hutchins

6/May 2018

Great quality in the room, high praise

Testimonial by Rosenkilde

12/Jun 2018

It received, very good, very realistic painting, the picture is clear, really recommend it to a friend want to buy

Testimonial by Maria

19/Aug 2018

I bought three paintings. They are very good, color is very brilliant. Very bright.

Testimonial by Tineo

11/Sep 2018

It was on the back of the sofa, it looks so good.

Testimonial by Monroy

28/Nov 2018

Pattern is very beautiful, very beautiful photo frame, shipped quickly, packaged well,nice praise

Testimonial by Caruso

4/Jan 2019

Hang all paintings, when I look them feel so happy, feel so googd

Testimonial by Fitzroy

22/Mar 2019

This is my wife selected paintings, really visionary, but the quality is so best, a good website, I will definitely help you recommend some friends. Worth buying

Testimonial by Ronald

7/Jun 2019

Very nice painting, as a best gift for friend

Testimonial by Gomez

23/Jul 2019

Atmosphere, fashion, the picture is very elegant, choose right, I would recommend friends to patronize

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